16:9 Mixer Sponsor Profiles: Right Media Solutions Brings AdSpark To DSE

March 20, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Right Media Solutions is another company back again as a sponsor of the 16:9 Mixer at Digital Signage Expo next week.

Located outside of Boston, the company offers turn-key digital signage solutions that start with developing plans, and follow with procuring and testing equipment. The company can handle implementing the roll-out and provide on-going services, including content.

Right Media manages many 1,000s of digital screens in all 50 U.S. states. Likely the company’s largest client is GameStop, which last year put in a network of screens across 3,800+ stores.

This year, on  the show floor, Right Media Solutions will be talking about software developed with Google, called AdSpark. It integrates with the company’s Ad Manager’s delivery and reporting systems, for use with retail digital signage networks.  AdSpark, says Right Media, connects advertiser campaigns from traditional digital platforms to place-based digital signage, providing the opportunity to reach an audience of active shoppers.  

These are very seasoned signage guys. The company’s roots were in SignStorey, which almost 20 years ago launched an early digital OOH network into retail venues, including pharmacy, liquor and grocery locations. Eight years later, CBS bought the company for $71.5 million.

CEO Jeffrey Martin stayed on after the acquisition, but three years later left and founded Right Media with the core employees from SignStorey and CBS Outernet. I did a podcast last year with Martin:

Big thanks to Right Media Solutions for stepping up as a mixer sponsor. Make the effort to stop by the company’s stand at #DSE2019 – booth DC2 – and learn more.

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