16:9 Mixer Sponsor Profiles: Mvix Puts Content At Center Of Its Digital Signage Solutions

Mvix is back as a sponsor of the 16:9 Mixer this year, but the software and solutions company will not be exhibiting at DSE. Instead, it will have a team walking the show, led by Mike Kilian, the Senior Director of Business Development.

DC-based Mvix does content-rich digital signage software and solutions. The software includes more than 200 content apps and data sources such as weather, Salesforce, Google Analytics, event listings, social media, traffic, and news. The idea of these integrations is that they enable businesses to easily create, display and update content for themselves or customers.

Mvix, wisely, is one of those companies that “gets” how what’s going to be on screens has to be sorted out well before there’s much discussion about the tech making the screens happen.

“There should be a budget for content because it’s the content – and not the technology – that will attract and deliver value to viewers,” says Kilian. “This has been the primary driver for Mvix to enhance their digital signage software with more content apps and integrations. Essentially, the software is built to help businesses keep their content fresh.”

This short video shows how the platform works

Mvix, as I knew them, used to do its own thing, with its own hardware. But it has expanded its digital signage platform to support digital signage players like BrightSign, Chrome, Android and LG SoC digital signage screens. The company sees that as win for its VARs and integrators, who can expand their product-dependent sales and not be married to one provider, thus increasing their revenues and cash flow.

To date, the Mvix platform powers over 50,000 active screens for clients including Virginia Tech, NASA, Sodexo, Discovery Channel, and the University of Washington.

Big thank you for again sponsoring next week’s mixer.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
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