Broadsign Wins 6,000 Screen Deal With Grocery-Focused Starlite Media

March 14, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Broadsign has announced a very nice deal – at least in terms of scale – to steadily convert Starlite Media’s 6,000 static outdoor ad displays to free-standing digital units, and run them using Broadsign’s data-centric CMS and programmatic ad buy/target capabilities.

Starlite Media is described as having a footprint “throughout prime in-person transaction areas in grocery-anchored retail centers across the U.S.” In much plainer terms, Starlite’s core business is ad posters mainly on the sides of shopping cart corrals in grocery parking lots.

The conversion from print to a digital network is expected to reach 500 screens by year’s end, with 2000 more screens planned for 2020.

“By partnering with and standardizing on Broadsign for our digital transformation, we are opening new creative possibilities for advertisers, such as dynamic content with full motion and sound, to reinvent and personalize the customer experience. This will help our retail inventory generate more revenue, all while streamlining our backend,” says Dave Kelshaw, Chief Digital Officer, Starlite Digital.

“Broadsign is helping us to modernize the look of our inventory and showcase the great digital advertising opportunities that they enable,” he adds. “With real time-analytics, a rules-based content engine, and programmatic buying, Starlite’s network brings increased advertising ROI and greater peace of mind to advertisers who are confident that the right ad content is shown to the right audience at the right time.”

I would not have thought there is that much money around from brands to support what will be a very expensive conversion. Properly ruggedized, high-bright outdoor screens are NOT cheap, nor is the cost of getting power to these corrals. But a company doesn’t make a decision like this without running numbers.

Good win for Broadsign – though it will take a while to get to that big 6,000 number.

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