Stratacache Matches $30K Funding Target To Help Little Ohio Girl

Rotten day? This should cheer you up …

The Austin, TX-based media network Chive Media Group – which has a big and growing footprint as a digital OOH operator in bars and beyond – has a big and very earnest focus on doing good through charitable activities.

The company also has corporate partners, among them the digital signage and solutions company STRATACACHE. I went to a STRATACACHE event last fall during the New York digital signage week thing, and CEO Chris Riegel gave over much of the presentation time to the Chive people, to talk about their work.

One of the stories was about a little girl in Sidney, Ohio who needed half of her brain removed to save her life, having contracted an extremely rare form of encephalitis. The surgery worked, kinda sorta, but there are lingering complications and needs.

Chive put together the media and fundraising campaign, with a target of $30,000, to get a new Honda van for her parents to replace the beater SUV used to get her around to medical appointments, some of them three hours away, one way.

The story was so compelling and effective, the target funds have already been met. It looks like it took a matter of hours. I mention this, because Riegel committed STRATACACHE to match funds up to the $30,000. So as I write this, little Rozyln and her parents have $66,000 to help normalize her life and recover.

Well done.

I did a podcast interview with Chive’s Leo Resig last fall.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

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