School District Raises Playground Funds, Celebrates Kindness On Digital Signage Screens

Rise Vision has a nice post up in its blog about a teeny public school district in southern Minnesota that has really embraced digital signage and used the tech in effective and heartwarming ways at a pair of schools.

Rise’s Shea Darlison pointed me to the story of the Blue Earth area school district, which has used a telecoms company grant to get screens up and running on the system, driven by the Rise CMS and its nice range of good-looking dynamic templates.

  • They used the signage to help raise $640 dollars for playground equipment. The signage encouraged the kids to go home and collect pennies, nickels, etc.. for the playground;
  • The principal uses the signage to encourage being kind. If a student “gets caught” being kind they get a shout out on the screen in the form of a selfie with the principal;
  • They promote all the national days and months, like national janitor day to make everyone in the school feel appreciated and to raise awareness of important issues.

If you are a school or work with them, worth a click …