DSE Will Be Full Of Smart Displays, So Read This And Get Smart On The Tech

March 13, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Digital Signage Expo is now less than two weeks out, which means I am less than two weeks out from the dreadfully long, connected flight to Vegas that I just did a week ago.


Anyway … the show floor will be filled with display and software vendors actively promoting their take on smart displays and smart devices that use system on chip processors. In minimal tech terms, I mean the processors of smartphones in tablets embedded in screens, removing the need and cost of an external digital signage playback device.

Brightsign and IAdea cloud that whole thing, more than a bit, by saying their standalone media players or modules are system on chip-based. But the great majority of the noise and attention around smart SOC-based signage is with the display guys.

16:9 has done two reports on SOC – most recently last fall, with the help of my Czech friends at signageOS. They nerded out and did proper testing on what is the best gear out there.

The report is free to download and, right or wrong, you don’t even have to gimme your email, phone number, money or first born kid to get at it.

If you are going to DSE and will be assessing smart display options, this is kinda required reading if you want to be smart about smart displays.

Link: https://www.sixteen-nine.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/SixteenNine-SignsWithSmarts-SpecialReportFall2018update.pdf

  1. Rein says:

    “Smart” grrrrr. Anybody else getting tired of this prefix / adjective? I’ve been around long enough to remember the scourge of ‘turbo’, then ‘i-everything’, etc.

    You’d think an industry selling to supposedly savvy marketing and communications people would have the creativity to stop with these senseless terms. If they can get away with insulting the intelligence of the people in their own industry and agencies etc. , what opinion do you think these vendors have of the general public that will be looking at these things? Oh yeah, “Smart TV”, there’s an oxymoron.

    I hereby propose that the use of the term “Smart Display” be reserved for displays that are smart enough to immediately turn themselves off to save energy and not inflict dumb visual noise on the public!

  2. Ken Goldberg says:

    They think that if they say “Smart” enough times, perhaps you will feel intelligent when you put your network’s future in the hands of glass cutters and phone makers. To be fair, it is a better marketing term than “Lemming”.

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