ISE Podcast Chats: SodaClick On HTML Creative Templates; Plus New Transparent LED Film From Inotouch

March 6, 2019 by Dave Haynes

ISE already seems like a long time ago, and I had to go into my digital recorder’s SD card to look over what interviews I had not yet dug out and made ready for podcasts.

This episode features a couple of shorter interviews with companies that I bumped into, in and around ISE’s largely dedicated digital signage hall.

The first is with a start-up based in London – called SodaClick – that Jason Cremins of Signagelive encouraged me to go see. These guys do creative templates for digital signage, and the interesting things for me were first, that the output files are HTML5, and second, that the guys behind it are graphic designers first. That second point matters because I have seen affordable digital signage content creation platforms in the past that worked well enough, but offered template designs that totally looked like they were designed by software developers with few or no design chops.

I spoke with SodaClick founder Ibrahim Jan.

The second interview is with a company from South Korea called Inotouch. One of the things I was looking for at ISE was transparent LED on clear film – not the semi-transparent stuff that’s part of mesh curtains. Most of what I saw didn’t look so hot, the exception being what LG was showing at its mega-booth, and these guys.

Their film was genuinely transparent and they had a tighter pixel pitch than what LG has on offer. It’s the sort of thing that would go on windows in retail and on big glass curtain walls – assuming things like heat load are sorted out.

I spoke with Eugene Bae of Inotouch.

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