Broadsign Up To 130 People, But Hiring 30 More; Grew 30% In 2018

There’s an interesting piece in the Montreal newspaper La Presse about Broadsign and its CEO/backer Burr Smith. La Presse is a French language publication, but I have just discovered its posts nicely roll over to English language versions.

Among the tidbits and things I kinda sorta mostly knew:

  • Montreal-based Broadsign now has 130 people and has job posts up for 30 more, but is struggling to find people in a city with a solid, media-oriented tech sector.
  • Smith says Broadsign controls 44% of the global market share in outdoor digital signage and sends ads and content to 160,000 screens worldwide.
  • The company has active clients in 55 countries – though 80% of sales are split almost equally between North America and Europe.
  • Sales were up 30% in 2018, and tracking to 40% this year.
  • All profits go back into R&D, Smith says.
  • Smith’s original investment grew out of family money made, originally, owning the Winn-Dixie grocery chain in the southern U.S.

It’s impressive, considering how Broadsign went Chapter 11 not that many years ago.

Here’s a 16:9 podcast interview with Smith from a couple of years ago …