JCDecaux Builds Its Own Audience Measurement Platform For Digital Airport Media

February 27, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Out of home ad giant JCDecaux has launched an audience measurement system for the airport industry, plainly called Airport Audience Measurement, or AAM.

The platform, says the media company, was developed to offer advertisers and agencies standard metrics throughout the world. It was “designed in collaboration” with Veltys, which does data analysis, processing and modelling.

Besides including main OOH audience measurement standards and rules, says Decaux, the system also takes into consideration specific features of airports in terms of frequency of contact and audience reached to deliver an unrivalled level of granularity and accuracy in the results produced.

AAM is the result of nearly 18 months of work within JCDecaux’s Data Department, in partnership with JCDecaux Airport, JCDecaux OneWorld and Veltys. AAM is based on many external data sources (NPD Travel Retail – formerly CiR, customised studies, data from airport platforms, etc.) and internal data sources (sensors, IoT, etc.) and is built based upon algorithms calculating the main components of audience measurement, in particular the number of unique passengers, reach, frequency of the advertising message and the total number of viewed impressions delivered.

Details of the methodology, sources, algorithms and results were submitted to CESP, an independent joint industry committee in charge of auditing media audience measurement services in France. The CESP report presented satisfactory conclusions on the approach along with potential areas for potential developments.

The Decaux AAM standard integrates:

– Passenger numbers per terminal and per day
– The unique passenger profile
– The impact of dwell time on campaign frequency
– Information on how passengers move around the airport

This international audience measurement for airports will strengthen the scientific approach to advertising placement in terminals around the world, enhance data planning and customer reporting tools with new data, and open up the airport universe to new brands.

This new international airport audience measurement solution will be launched at Paris Aéroport, then at Changi Airport Singapore in April before gradually rolling out across the main hubs operated by JCDecaux and feeding into the VIOOH programmatic platform. Within each airport only networks that have a minimum of three advertising assets will be measured, and only digital networks will be included in the initial deployment phase.

With the implementation of this new international standard of airport measurement, JCDecaux Airport, which is present in 215 airports throughout the five continents, is pursuing its objective to develop high-performance, high-impact, measurable out-of-home advertising solutions around the world.

Interesting development, in that it appears, at least, to be another example of a very large company building its own solution – tailored to a media environment – as opposed to using one of many audience measurement and venue intelligence solutions on the market.

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