DSE 2019 Booth Previews: Mimo Previewing Haptics Touchscreen With TanvasTouch

February 27, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Mimo Monitors – Booth Number 3022

Why do people need to put you on their must-see list?
This year, we have a myriad of new and noteworthy exciting previews, upcoming products, and recent launches that folks can check out at our booth. We are showcasing one of our last exclusive previews of our Mimo Vue with TanvasTouch, where people can experience surface haptics, allowing them to feel texture through the glass screen.

We’re also showcasing our newly launched Mimo Vue with BrightSign Built-In, which is a 10.1″ monitor that integrates the BrightSign player, for a fully-encompassing out-of-the-box digital signage solution. We’re also showing our largest open-frames to-date, up to 32″. In addition, we’re showcasing our first-ever outdoor signage, designed to withstand both heat and cold, and our first-ever shelf edge displays, ideal for retail.

What’s your big marketing message to attendees?
With all of these new products, we want to leverage Mimo’s capabilities and showcase that we’re evolving as a one-stop-shop for all things touchscreen, no matter the need. We will continue to grow in the small touchscreen and display arena there, but we also are rising up to meet demand and customer needs.

We’ve always prided ourselves on being solutions-oriented and customer-focused and with our new line up of products, along with some of our top sellers from our product stable, we are showing our ability to do just that.

What’s the ideal Profile of Attendees Walking Into Your Booth?
End users that we can demonstrate our products to, so when they go back and implement their digital signage system, they ask for us by name. We are also interested in reaching CMS software partners and system integrators that specify or design the digital signage systems to ensure they are specifying our brand whenever they need small format touch displays and tablets.

How many years have you been showing at DSE and how has the trade show changed (if you think it has changed?) over the years?
This is Mimo’s 7th year at DSE. We’re continuing to see that digital signage overall is focused on small touchscreens. With the use of cellphones being more prevalent than ever, we’re seeing that small interactive touchscreens are simple and intuitive for users, and capitalizing on this has been beneficial for businesses as well. Rather than focus on a few large digital signage installations, we’re continuing to see a shift towards more a larger number of small and interactive digital signage installations in retail, businesses and more.

When you get away from your booth what will you be looking for and researching?
We will focus on our current partnerships and cultivating and building new ones. As there isn’t a one-stop digital signage shop today that offers software, hardware, maintenance, installation, content management, ad development and the rest, partnerships in our industry are extremely important.

What’s your favorite part of the week?
The best part of our week is spending time at the booth with new, potential customers and explain to them what we do and why they should use our products.


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