London Flagship Cinema Adds Blended Mirror-Screen Heritage Wall

February 19, 2019 by Dave Haynes

This is a blended mirror wall – video wall in the heart of the recently renovated Odeon cinema, just off London’s busy Leicester Square.

The UK solutions provider Beaver Group provided all the hardware, software, installation, content creation and support for the flagship cinema.

As well as integration and display of live film times, trailers and marketing material, the company says on its website, Beaver Group also created a “mirror wall” feature – displaying screens behind glass telling the story and evolution of the iconic location over the years. These screens include motion graphics of classic premieres while the building’s vintage features, including the historic Compton organ, have been restored.

I tried to pop by – encouraged by Beaver’s Peter Critchley – when I was in London a couple of weeks back, but there was a movie premiere getting teed up for that evening. Barricades and no way to just wander in.

Looks great in pix, at least ;-]

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