LED Head In ISE Booth Will Have Seemed Familiar To Ohio Convention-Goers

I’ll never know how I could be all through Hall 8 last week at ISE, and didn’t see this directly – but I didn’t. I heard about it, though – a giant LED head that one might politely say was “inspired” by a strikingly similar one done at the Columbus, Ohio convention center.

It was in the booth of an LED display company called Ledeca, which is based in Istanbul.

The original went in at the convention center in Columbus in late 2017, with the head made from thin, custom strips of LED developed by Sansi (SNA). Using thing strips or slats allowed the designers to realize the contours of a face and head.

I would imagine the Sansi guys – some who were at ISE – were a little frustrated to see the concept appropriated.

I’ve no idea if these sorts of concepts can be protected in some way, but you’d at least like to see the imitation go even slightly in a different direction. But this was a clone.

The argument could, of course, be: “So what?” And it is likely that for every person who knew this was “inspired” by another job, another 1,000 at the show would think was original.

All that aside – it can make for a striking visual.


4 thoughts on “LED Head In ISE Booth Will Have Seemed Familiar To Ohio Convention-Goers”

  1. Thank you Dave for taking the time to share this. Ledeca stole part of my voice and vision but it goes far deeper when I think of all the effort and expertise that Design Communications Ltd. put into the original “As We Are”. When I think of the risk, faith, and money that the Columbus Convention Center invested into the sculpture, that’s what hurts.

  2. Sansi deserves major respect for the work they did on “As We Are”. I wasn’t at the conference but their work on my sculpture was top notch. Even more, SNA jumped on the project when it was just a dream with absolute enthusiasm. Fantastic to work with!

  3. The work done by the team SNA on the sculpture is great and I think they have given the 100% of their skills on that.
    Matthew would you mind If I asked you the link for the Original one of yours.

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