Workplace Collaboration Firm Extends Platform To Digital Signage With ScreenCloud Tie-In

January 31, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Austin, TX-based Lifesize, which does video collaboration and meeting productivity solutions, platform, has announced an integration with UK-based ScreenCloud that extends digital signage content to connected screens in meeting rooms and around the office.

The company primarily markets cameras, microphones and conferencing phones, as well as a management platform.

The platform’s integration with ScreenCloud allows organizations to easily transform screens around offices into dynamic, automated content displays. Through the integration, connected screens inside and outside of meeting rooms can be set up to show original content, as well as highly customizable content from more than 70 free apps, including meeting schedules, company news, social media feeds and more to drive internal awareness and engagement.

“With Lifesize Share, companies can now easily automate device management for meeting spaces around the office, saving valuable time and thousands of dollars normally required to integrate different technologies into a user-friendly experience,” says Craig Malloy, Lifesize CEO. “The platform also offers automated updates for software improvements and new app integrations, so users can access new features and functionality without complicating their current configuration or causing interoperability issues.”

This is a bit like the push by Cisco into suggesting its Webex displays can also do screensaver-like signage, when not being used for active meetings. The argument in either case is that workplaces have invested in expensive tech, so use the stuff as much as possible and “sweat the assets.”

I don’t, as I noted in the Cisco story, see this sort of thing as a viable, logical alternative to dedicated digital signage displays in a workplace, but I get the argument around this supplementing what’s there. A meeting room screen is INSIDE a meeting room. A good workplace comms display is in a common area, where it belongs.

“We forecast professional wireless presentation device shipments to experience a nearly 30 percent growth rate through 2022,” says Rob Arnold, Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan. “Lifesize Share is at the forefront of innovation in this market. Specifically, the solution makes it easy for meeting participants to wirelessly share multiple types of media from any device without requiring specialty connectors or software downloads. Optional connection to the comprehensive Lifesize video conferencing service sets the solution apart for businesses seeking to enrich and streamline multi-media collaboration capabilities in their meeting rooms.”

“The ability to visualize data and content plays a crucial role in an effective communications strategy, especially when it comes to engaging with employees,” says Mark McDermott, CEO of ScreenCloud. “With ScreenCloud digital signage for Lifesize Share, businesses can turn unused screens in meeting rooms and around their offices into the ideal channel for communicating with staff without spending additional time or funds to introduce new display systems.”

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