User Data Drives Spotify DOOH Campaign On Listener Interests And Habits

January 31, 2019 by Dave Haynes

This is an interesting, data-driven campaign put together by the UK’s Grand Visual for the streaming music service Spotify – using digital boards to show the much-varied musical tastes and listening habits of subscribers.

The campaign creative features things like a user’s profile picture alongside a breakdown of how they have listened to music in 2018. The live data was managed and distributed to media owners via OpenLoop.

The popular end of year marketing campaign – called Wrapped – was booked in multiple global markets – like  UK, USA, Canada, France and Australia. 7,640 people had their profile breakdown featured in the campaign.

As always, I like when data helps drive relevant creative. Not a Spotify customer, but if I was, I doubt many viewers would make sense of a playlist that goes from Pearl Jam to Yo-Yo Ma, and back.

  1. “As always, I like when data helps drive relevant creative. ”

    Couldn’t agree more! The bridge between data and creative is becoming more robust each year. Love seeing it in context of DOOH, too.

  2. I always say to people that if you are in the digital signage industry, then creativeness is the is the key. No matter how advanced technology you come up with it will not last for more than a month.
    How creatively you can use the available resources is the solution and which you can see here.

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