How Aitrak Says Its AI-Driven Eye Tracking Platform Gives Creatives Superpowers

January 30, 2019 by Dave Haynes

It doesn’t matter how slick your software is, or how beautiful and robust a display may be, if the content on a digital sign doesn’t attract attention and hold it, at least for a bit.

So tools that help track and analyze how people view advertising, packaging and other marketing messages can be incredibly valuable. But they can also be clunky, expensive and slow.

A startup called Aitrak is trying to change that – using artificial intelligence and computer vision to do predictive modeling on how people will consume specific pieces of campaign creative – where they’ll look, what they’ll notice first, and how long they’ll look.

Creatives and media planners can use Aitrak’s tools, or send the material to Aitrak to develop the model and insights.

Right now, the first iteration is built around static out of home street furniture posters and other non-motion creative. But Aitrak is working on the same sort of tool for motion digital assets and creative. That would allow media network owners, agencies and brands to pre-select the best combinations of creative for a location in a matter of minutes, and cut their costs dramatic ally.

I spoke with UK-based CEO David Bailey about a cloud-based service he says gives creatives superpowers.

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