Watch Video Of LG’s Insane 260-Screen OLED Demo At CES

January 24, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Good … freaking … Lord!!!

Here’s a video of the absolutely massive curving OLED video wall that was the unmissable eye candy for LG at its booth earlier this month at CES in Vegas. I have not been briefed on what LG will do at ISE – which is also a monster trade show. In the past, LG has kinda sorta emulated what it did at CES, but at nowhere the scale.

LG always does a killer stand at ISE, but the footprint and set-up of the area at the Amsterdam RAI wouldn’t allow something this big, even if the budget was there. Almost wish I went to Vegas and saw this, but only almost. CES is a bit of a sh*t-show.


  1. Beth Warren says:

    gorgeous. inspiring – thanks for sharing

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