Tire Merchandising Goes Digital At Canadian Nissan Dealers

January 24, 2019 by Dave Haynes

This is a simple but effective, I think, mash-up of merchandising and digital signage used to promote tire options at Nissan and Infiniti dealers in Canada.

Groupe Touchette, the largest Canadian-owned distributor of automobile tires, worked with Montreal solutions shop  iGotcha Media on digital signage display stands for nine dealerships, across several provinces.

Says a press release:

iGotcha Media’s digital signage solutions provide immersive experiences and exceptionally compelling advertising platforms. Conceived by iGotcha Media, the theme of the Groupe Touchette campaign is the four seasons. Specifically, the four driving seasons and how the right tires enhance the driving experience. Content is inspirational, advisory (tips on inflation, rotation and alignment) and promotional. iGotcha Media’s solutions integrate hardware (monitors, PCs, custom-made mounts and stands) and proprietary content management software that allows clients to manage content quickly and easily from any location.

“For us, the integration of iGotcha Media digital signage solutions represents an unprecedented opportunity to communicate with automobile owners,” says Yasmine Sardouk, National Marketing Manager, Groupe Touchette. “It gives us a direct channel to inform motorists about our portfolio of products and related issues, such as safety. By offering eye-catching, fun and dynamic displays, we are promoting Nissan/Infiniti’s ‘Tire Advantage’ program, which benefits dealers by supporting sales and stimulating a secondary revenue stream. We wish to thank our partners at Nissan/Infiniti Canada as we look forward to our continued collaboration and shared success.”

There are wall stands and tire stand configurations:

The wall versions developed for Groupe Touchette comprise three 55-inch LG monitors, configured in portrait mode, above three tire holder display cases. Wall stands run dynamic video content, including a welcome message personalized for each dealer, information on Nissan/Infiniti’s ‘Tire Advantage’ program and content specific to tire manufacturers including: Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli and Yokohama. 

The floor stands use three 32-inch LGs  with display cases that position tires on top of the monitors while running dynamic content that simulates three different types of terrain. 

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