Santiago’s Subway Rolls With Smart Stations, Data-Driven Screens

January 24, 2019 by Dave Haynes

This is an information-rich digital sign on Chile’s Santiago Metro. It runs ad messaging and educational messages, but what I like is the amount of detail in the train status messaging.

The city’s transit system is using DENEVA, the transit-focused digital signage system developed by Spain’s ICON Multimedia.

The project, says the company, includes 18 “smart stations.”  DENEVA platform enables to report in a useful and timely manner about possible operational incidents such as delays or interruptions in the movement of trains. In addition, they broadcast advertising and educational campaigns oriented to the more of 2.7 millions daily users of these metro lines. These messages take advantages of the huge visibility and impact of this media to launch travel tips, safety recommendations or operational changes.

The Digital Signage circuit implemented includes on board displays and medium and large format displays located in crowded areas and in different terminals. Also, interactive kiosks have been installed in the main stations that shows intermodal information. Travelers can use them for search help in order to locate destinations or services of interest.

I don’t know how the rest of the screens look, but as a subway passenger, I’d really like at a glance information that tells me occupancy levels by subway car, as well as anticipated arrival times. Tourists and infrequent users are going to like confirmation on the screen of direction and destination.

The occupancy levels would be based on either sensors or cameras – which may kinda sorta be the same thing when it comes to measuring passenger densities.

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