Venetian Resort Cocktail Bar Opens With 40-Foot Ambient Video Wall

January 23, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Add this to your must-see rotation at Digital Signage Expo, or whatever next brings you to Las Vegas – a 40-foot wide high-rez display in a new Venetian resort bar.

The new cocktail bar – Electra – is on an edge of the casino floor, and runs custom content developed by Chicago agency Digital Kitchen. There’s a “sexy” James Bond-inspired sequence based off bodyscape photography, and an infinite starry night made of Edison bulbs, that reacts to the heat of the bar.

It looks like the wall is super narrow LCDs – and maybe using mirror glass. Can’t find much in the way of technical detail.

The great thing about this is I can go for a beer and call it research. Will check out when at Shoptalk in a few weeks.

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