inLighten Debuts Web-based Customer Check-in Solution

No end of PR on solutions looking for problems find their way daily to my Inbox, so I’m always happy when I read about a new product or functionality that addresses and appears to resolve a common problem.

Buffalo, NY-area software firm inLighten has launched a nice little application called here – described as a comprehensive system for customer check-in, visual notification, mobile alerts, service management and reporting.  I haven’t seen a demo, but this seems to blend functionality like notifications for staff of arriving guests at unattended reception areas with queue management capabilities in busy service center and retail environments.

“All kinds of businesses are striving to meet consumer expectations for service that’s quick, convenient, responsive and tailored to them,” says CEO Dan Snyder. “Online enterprises have been leaders in this area, but it remains a challenge for the physical service environment.  We created here., which features web-based technology, so that a higher level of service can occur in physical service environments for more satisfying – and profitable – customer experiences.”

Says a press release:

From any touchscreen, interactive kiosk or tablet, including inLighten iTOUCH interactive products, customers access the here. check-in web-page and enter their name and purpose of their visit, selecting from either a configurable pull-down menu or using an onscreen keypad to provide detailed information about their needs.  Customers can select mobile notification via text or email when a member of the service staff is ready to assist them.  Customers can also refer to strategically placed digital signage linked to the here. system which displays customer names in the order that they’ll be served, including visual alerts for the individual whose turn has arrived.

By logging into a service progress web-page, staff have access to an at-a-glance view of the customers awaiting service, the reasons for their visits and the duration of their waits, which can be highlighted if they exceed target lengths.  Staff members can assign themselves to serve specific customers based on their area of specialization, the customer’s needs or the length of their waiting.  Reporting can be generated to track the number of visitors, their reasons for visiting and wait times as well as tracking productivity by individual staff members including number of customers served, service topics, and duration of interaction.

Adds Senior Vice President Doug Braun: “By enabling organizations to be more efficient and productive in serving their customers, we believe here. will produce more meaningful customer encounters, more sales opportunities and more loyal customer relationships.”

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
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