Digital Signs Of The Times: Shutdown Time Counters And Birdbox Challenge Warnings

January 18, 2019 by Dave Haynes

The digital signage CMS software company Rise Vision produces a lot of free, ready-to-use templates for its big base of 9,000-plus customers, and while most of them are things like welcome messages, promotions, menus and calendars, the company’s creatives have also produced things that are more public service-oriented, like anti-bullying messages.

Reflecting how things have grown, ummm, a little nutty in the US lately, the company has made two new templates available.

One (main art) is an HTML5-based template that puts a dynamic counter on how long the government has been shutdown as politicians in Washington bicker, and 800,000 workers go without wages.

The other is a bit like the bullying message, and aimed at the huge base of public schools, colleges and places of worship that use Rise’s low-cost platform. It implores kids (and adults that need some growing up) NOT to emulate the Netflix movie Birdbox by trying to do things, like drive, blindfolded.

Seems crazy that needs to be stated, but we were all teenagers at some point, and we ALL did remarkably stupid things, and somehow survived.

The madness of the Birdbox thing will end quickly. Lord knows about the shutdown.


  1. In the recent tweet, Netflix himself request people to not to try that challenge at home or anywhere. It can lead you to hospitalization

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