Look Ma, No Peripherals – This Touchscreen Embeds Payment Tech In The Display

January 11, 2019 by Dave Haynes

One of the biggest payments tech companies around has found a display provider to partner on interactive kiosks that embed payment capabilities in the actual screen, instead of beside it or virtually using phones.

France’s Ingenico Group, which describes itself as the global leader in seamless payment, will work with German kiosk solution provider Pyramid on the marketing and distribution of Think&Go connected kiosks.

Says a press release:

This Think&Go solution builds on a Pyramid touchscreen and an inner layer of Ingenico readers integrated behind the touch panel. The screen, therefore, supports interactions or transactions made with all NFC devices consumers have at hand nowadays, including NFC bank cards, smartphones, travel cards, ID cards, loyalty cards.

One of the kiosk’s distinctive features is the capacity to offer several amounts and several products simultaneously. It only takes a single tap of an NFC bank card or wallet on the selected product zone to complete a purchase.

Given the NFC payment limit in many countries, this Think&Go kiosk is particularly suited to quick-serving restaurants (QSR) and cinemas, for self-ordering and booking purposes. However, it can be tailored to all sorts of retail needs and verticals, using its software development kit (SDK).

This is something that Ingenico has been trialing for the last few years. A version of this was used, for example, at a pop-up stand during the Toronto International Film Fest in 2016. My tiny little brain is also telling me Ingenico was demo-ing this the last time I was at NRF, in 2017.

The PR continues:

Connected objects have followed an exponential growth over the past few years worldwide and multiplied potential interactions between consumers and brands. Connected screens, especially, bring along new opportunities for retailers. DOOH displays featuring contactless payment acceptance, they form a new sales channel – screen commerce, which complements businesses’ traditional online, mobile and in-store operations.

Present in the street, in public places or in-store, connected screens contribute to the digitalization of the physical world and create a ubiquitous shopping experience. These can serve as points of sale prompting impulse purchases, as well as interactive digital signage supporting loyalty programs and electronic coupon schemes, to increase footfall in-store.

I liked this concept from the first time I heard about it, because of the way it allows the user experience to all be screen-based. I think we have all been in front of screen-based payments machines – for things like mass transit tickets and parking garage payments – and looked at all the various peripheral slots and keypads on the enclosure, wondering “Now WTF do I do???”

When you can have the instructions right on the screen, and it says tap right here on this icon, and it confirms you did it right, that’s a better experience.

Pyramid markets self-order kiosks for QSR and the ones primarily marketed have peripheral keypads for payments below the screen.

Ingenico and Pyramid will demonstrate some of these use cases – including loyalty program enrollment, lottery ticket sale and e-coupon schemes – next week at NRF, at their respective booths (Ingenico booth 2137, Pyramid 4545).


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