Nanolumens CEO Rick Cope Has Left Company He Founded

January 10, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Nanolumens founder Rick Cope has left the company he founded and ran for several years, to pursue (as the saying goes) other interests.

The colorful former US Marine built the Atlanta-area company up from the idea stage – marketing indoor LED displays that were skinny, light and flexible to a pro AV industry that had previously known mostly thick, heavy and rigid.

One might reasonably think this reflects signs of trouble, but my understanding is Nano had a record year of orders and shipments. Certainly, some high-profile jobs like Changi and Charlotte airports suggest the screens have buyers, even with the utter glut of LED display options manufactured in China.

There has been no formal announcement on Cope’s departure, but word was starting to spread around the industry 2-3 days ago. I am told it is business as usual around the Norcross, GA offices.

The core management team now is CTO Gary Feather, VP Marketing Joe’ Lloyd and VP Sales Dave Merlino. My understanding is that Karen Robinson, Cope’s wife, is still working with Nano.


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