Chinese LED Firm Marketing A Version Of That Failed Times Square Shape-Shifting Screen

December 17, 2018 by Dave Haynes

One might have thought the shape-shifting LED display that Coca-Cola put in Times Square was such a disaster, as innovations go, that the market for such a product was created and killed in a matter of weeks.

But while the Coca-Cola screen’s way-too-many moving parts have been rendered static, there are companies out there marketing  the Wow Factor of this waving, rolling mechanical effect and hoping, I guess, does not due diligence or gets an experienced opinion.

This is a video from a Hangzhou, China company called PJ Link marketing its many three-dimensional options – many simple and workable, but also a couple of conceptual versions of the shape-shifting wall.

In theory, at least, someplace that has a much narrower temperature range, that doesn’t get snow, would be a better environment than all-4-seasons New York. Inside would be way better. But there’s still all those parts being asked to NOT lock up, tick or get out of sync.

The rotating hydraulic arms – sure, like ’em. But the three-dimensional visual effects being shown here can almost all be done in the creative, using a flat 2D surface and removing 1,000s of potential points of failure from a job.

This Linkedin post makes it look like a working install, but it is a concept only. The company says: PJ LINK has taken the advantages and disadvantages of this (Coca Cola) project in consideration, our R&D team may have come up with a comprehensive solution to guarantee the stability and excellent visual before we deciding to launch such a sophisticated project. Only the rational and feasible solutions and projects can be provided to our clients.

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