Intuiface Adds Deep Analytics To Its Interactive Design Suite

December 14, 2018 by Dave Haynes

The French software firm Intuiface is the latest vendor in the digital signage ecosystem to add analytics capabilities to its overall offer – though in this case it is less about viewer movement and time as it is about the specifics of interactive display sessions.

The company describes Intuiface Analytics as a “product set enabling any organization to turn their interactive content into an essential KPI resource. With this introduction, Intuiface has delivered the most versatile data collection and analysis toolset in the digital signage domain. The result is cutting edge interactivity paired with data-driven design, operational, and business insight.”

Intuiface’s core product and pitch is enabling users to develop rich and intricate interactive experience for screens, without needing to know how to write code. The platform has long logged interactions but the new, formalized Analytics part of the product makes it easy, accessible, actionable and shareable.

I had a demo recently, and there’s a lot there. It would be easy once you know what you’re doing and your head works in the sort of decision-tree mindset needed. But I wouldn’t suggest people would just sit down and drive this. Training required, like any rich software.

Says the product’s press release:

With Intuiface Analytics, Intuiface has supplemented its extensive interactivity and connectivity capabilities with a complete solution for collecting data in real-time – like a sensor – and enabling even analytics novices to build visualizations that facilitate data-driven project improvement, adjustment, and reaction. Unlike traditional signage deployments, which are almost totally bereft of data meaningful for the business, Intuiface-based content shine a light on target audiences and the success of a deployment, making it possible for project owners to correct course as necessary and for business owners to maximize ROI.

On the data collection side, with a mechanism first introduced in 2016, Intuiface can integrate with any data source, business logic, or connected object, extract information from those sources in real time, and tie that information in with the ongoing actions of users standing at the screen. Designers, in collaboration with the business, use the Intuiface no-coding editor to create compelling interactive content using their own graphic media and identify the particular events that should be tracked. The resulting content is then deployed to any of Intuiface’s supported platforms: Windows, iPad, Android, Chrome OS, Samsung SMART Signage Platform and LG smart displays running webOS.

On the analytics side, project owners can use a drag-and-drop chart builder – inspired by the top solutions on the market, simplified for the novice but powerful enough for the expert – to create visualizations based on any of 30 classic chart models. After the application of extensive customization options, charts are then compiled in one or more dashboards. Dashboards are a shareable medium for distributing interactive charts, each of which is directly connected to an Amazon AWS-hosted Data Hub, ensuring real-time updates with no more than a two-minute delay from data collection to chart appearance. Dashboards can be shared via URL or iframe, enabling agencies and integrators to manage multiple accounts with uniquely different data sets and needs.

As an alternative to Intuiface charts and dashboards, project owners may use third party analysis tools thanks to an extensive set of data connectors. With these out-of-the-box connectors, collected data can be forwarded to everything from Google Analytics and Mixpanel to Excel and any of over 200 platforms made available through the Segment data integration platform.

There is a free version of Analytics designed for test drives of the capability.

The company has a booth at ISE and will also run a user forum on Feb.. 6th at a hotel near the show.

, as well as more robuist “Businesses thrive on insight about their target users. We realized that Intuiface-based interactive experiences had the potential to generate mountains of useful data,” said Vincent Encontre, Intuiface’s COO. “By simplifying the data collection process and by lowering the bar to enterprise-class data visualization techniques, Intuiface makes analytics accessible to every business regardless of skill set. That this is achieved through the use of cutting-edge interactive content is the cherry on top.”

First Impression Audiovisueel, a respected Netherlands-based digital signage integrator serving very large brands across Europe, had extensive exposure to Intuiface Analytics prior to launch. Koen Wouters, CIO of First Impression confirmed: “Intuiface Analytics is making it possible for us to continuously improve client experiences based on real-world usage and data instead of on guesswork and intuition.”

Intuiface Analytics is available to all Intuiface users, even those in the evaluation phase thanks to a time unlimited free version. A simple tiered set of Analytics plans – starting with a Free plan – govern the number of signage end points and the number of dashboards available to an account. All plans support unlimited data point collection. See our Intuiface Analytics webpage for further detail and videos.

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