Rome’s Airport Has Shape-Shifting LED Ad Chandelier

December 13, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Anything with moving parts has risks, but using programmed hydraulic arms and LED screens inside and airport is way, way, way less trouble-prone and risky than something with thousands of sync’d, ever-moving bits on an outside display.

That’s why comparing this install to the doomed Coca-Cola display in Times Square isn’t all that relevant.

This is in the main airport in Rome – a ClearChannel ad chandelier that went live this summer. It is the product of a German company – Simtec – that knows a thing or two about hydraulics, via work building flight and driving simulators. Those are Prismview (Samsung) 4mm LED panels.

The ever-moving LED panels have a bit of a need-to-watch quality about them. I like.

  1. Monty Rains says:

    Very Nice job. We have also designed displays like that with much, much lighter and thinner screens without the large infrastructure but the same rotation.

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