London Underground Escalators Lined With LCD Ribbon Walls

December 7, 2018 by Dave Haynes

The London Underground many years ago took on what I think were the first digital escalator panels – a cascading series of synchronized displays in the escalator wells of the subway system.

The media firm Exterion Media is in the process of upgrading some of the most well-known and busiest stations on the Underground with new display panel systems (DEPs), including some that create a ribbon effect.

The first one is now running at Picadilly Circus and similar set-ups are coming within weeks at King’s Cross and Tottenham Court Road. By October 2019, Exterion plans to have upgraded all 16 of its London Underground DEPs.

These look great – though they do look like a whole bunch of TVs tiled together, as opposed to the original digital panels, which replicated the shape and set-up of the traditional line of vertical print posters. The ribbons will only be used in some stations, while several will be upgrades on the existing screens, using the same format.

The original style is relatively subtle when compared to these – which Underground users can’t help but see.

London-based Esprit Digital did the original escalator panels, but there’s another supplier on this one.


  1. Though this LCD Ribbon Walls is also ok ,why not use led wall for more uselife and brightness ?

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