New Spanish Shopping Mall Greets, Entertains With Giant, Curved LED Facade

November 26, 2018 by Dave Haynes

This is a new shopping mall – Torrecardenas – in Almeria,Spain, on the south coast, about 200 km east of Malaga (if that means anything to you).

The mall developers went very big on direct view LED on a curved wall by the main entry point. What I like, based on the videos below, is how the developer and mall marketers evidently concluded that the content had to be a lot more than branding and COME IN AND SAVE!!! messaging. There is a lot of thought and Euros put into original content here.

It looks, also based on the video, that there are experiential pieces inside, as well, like an interactive LED floor.

Mall operators, at least those with budgets, appear to be increasing buying onto the notion that they’ll thrive or die based on delivering experiences – beyond pure shopping – that make them want to go, and return. Digital is not THE solution, but definitely a big part of the mix.

Here is a different video, via Linkedin:

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