TeamViewer Device Management Software Added To BenQ’s Smart Displays

November 22, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Device management is pretty essential for digital signage networks of any scale – especially those with multiple, dispersed locations. It’s one thing to walk into an on-premise server closet and reboot a PC or router, but can be quite another to make that happen at a location in another state or country.

Many SMS platforms have their own built-in device management software applications, and even some solutions companies (notably Diversified, which has an amazing set of remote controls it uses).

But for solutions that don’t, third party applications like TeamViewer are (hopefully) used. Taiwan-based display company BenQ – which has not been an overly active player in digital signage – has announced a partnership with TeamViewer that will make its remote monitoring and control software available, pre-installed, on Android smart displays.

Says a press release:

BenQ’s line of digital signage will from now on come with TeamViewer’s QuickSupport agent for Android pre-installed, enabling the administrator to remotely access the functionality of the displays from his workstation anywhere, at any time. 

Whether the displays are used for advertising messages, menus or signposts in restaurants or hotels, for special offers in retail, or as an information board in the corporate environment – with TeamViewer, admins get access to an easy-to-use solution for monitoring, control and support of BenQ displays from afar to swiftly resolve issues on the devices in a time and cost effective manner, saving them a trip to the physical machine.

This is smart and necessary. Device management is essential, unless a network has technical people available and happy to help revive cranky equipment. If there is no remote management available, and the people on site either don’t know how to help or don’t wan’t to, then a service tech has to go, which is $$$$$.

I THINK how this works is that the client software is free but end-users pay monthly subscription access from a desktop, with the fee based on the number of access accounts, not the number of end-points (ie screens).

  1. Lukas Danek says:

    Well, it might help in some cases, but I cannot imagine managing 1000s of displays via TeamViewer… logging in into each and every display separately for tasks like reboot or app update. Not very efficient.

  2. LEDSINO says:

    The mode of remote network control display terminal has become more popular, and it needs a powerful network format to support it, like our conventional offline control or cloud system.

  3. Luis says:

    I don´t see the reason why this is really news… at the end of the day is a piece of software pre-installed on an operating system…
    Is it news because it is Android¿?

    What would be really good news, is if they installed a chip that had TeamViewer on it with access to the network Lan (hardware) or sim on its own & to the graphics output (hardware) of the display & power supply.
    Now, THAT would be news…

    But as long as they keep installing on top of an OS… I don´t really see the importance. If the reason is because the “user” doesn´t have to do it… ok… but so did (and does) Microsoft with hundreds of different tools and nobody published anything… 🙂

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