Delivery Service Hyper-Targets Hungry Office Workers In LinkNYC Campaign

November 14, 2018 by Dave Haynes

This is simple example of geo-targeting for a Digital OOH ad campaign – with contextual spots for the food delivery service zeroed down to the neighborhood and time of day.

The hyperlocal campaign is running on Intersection’s LinkNYC network, which is big 55-inch back-to-back screens on monolithic sidewalk fixtures. The targeting tactics are based around things like calls to action for delivery, around lunchtime, near office towers.

No real revelation here, but the ease of doing this is in many respects tied to how much data a network has about the specific screen location, and what’s around it. With the right rules-based scheduling engine, the targeting could get a lot more granular than this.


  1. beth says:

    great to know – is there a mobile component that can “catch” a message, alert or call to action for those in the immediate vicinity?

    otherwise, it’s a great example and something Dominos and Taco abel might appreciate seeing a use case

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