New Content Program Brings Famed Artworks From MOMA Collection To NYC Rail Platforms

November 9, 2018 by Dave Haynes

We can only wonder what Vincent van Gogh would have thought, in his more lucid moments, of seeing his work running on screens in New York subway stations.

From my perspective, Starry Night beats the hell out of career college and Learn To Speak English posters.

The media company OUTFRONT has launched a content program that partners with NYC’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) to bring renowned works from its collection out into the city, for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Says a press release:

The project begins with a selection of works, including Vincent van Gogh’s iconic The Starry Night and James Turrell’s celebrated Meeting. Commuters will be able to take in beloved works of art from MoMA’s collection featured on OUTFRONT’s Liveboard digital displays in subway stations throughout New York City, as well as Metro North Railroad and Long Island Railroad stations and within cars, as the screens are fitted. MoMA will share a new compilation every month, including paintings, sculpture, animation and full motion video.

“We are excited by this opportunity to bring our collection out into the city. We hope it brings a moment of inspiration and enjoyment to New Yorkers as well as visitors to our city,” says Rob Baker, Director of Marketing and Creative Strategy at MoMA.

OUTFRONT says it has plans to run similar programs in other markets where it has a digital footprint.

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