Quest Medical Labs Using Queue Management/Digital Signage Mash-Up At 2,200+ Facilities

October 25, 2018 by Dave Haynes

This is a nice mash-up of queue management and digital signage being used by Quest Diagnostics in more than 2,200 waiting rooms at Quest facilities across the U.S.

A custom solution designed by Mood Media integrates the signage solution with Quest’s patient check-in system, so clients can actively monitor their progress while keeping their privacy intact. The screens are also designed to provide site-specific content to each of the 2,200 locations.

The labs are mostly free-standing, but a percentage are co-located in places like larger grocery stores, in dedicated spaces.

The network uses Mood TV, which features curated, video programming that is pre-recorded, short-form and termed family-friendly. “This product offering,” says a press release, “can also incorporate branded video commercials to help educate waiting customers about additional services, promotions, and available offerings.”

“Mood Media’s integrated digital solution has significantly enhanced the customer experience for our patients,” says Chris Grant, Executive Director of Patient Services for Quest Diagnostics. “Mood TV’s solution provides insight and information far and above what regular, live TV can deliver.”

Mood says its Sight Solution offer is now running on more than 50,000 playback devices.

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