LED Lobby Feature Wall Centerpiece of Reimagined Miami Office Tower

October 23, 2018 by Dave Haynes

This is the lobby of 100 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami – a commercial office tower just across the road from the big Bayfront urban park and entertainment area downtown.

The 30-storey office block’s facelift includes a direct view LED feature wall that wraps around the entry to the elevator lobby. Not totally sure of the dimension, but I do know it is using Samsung 2.5mm LED and running off a single player box.

The wall just went in, and the current material is high-rez Miami scenic footage. The plan, however, is for local artists to generate motion digital pieces that play with the big canvas, and likely that entryway.

The rationale for this, as is the case for more and more office towers, is how a can’t miss, “Oh wow!” digital feature in a lobby is an amenity that attracts and retains tenants, and sends the right message to visiting customers about the companies they are coming in to see.

There will be a point when this becomes “old hat” – so to speak – but we’re a long from that. The key is keeping the content fresh and interesting.

I was in Miami on the weekend – still hot and humid way down there – as a guest of Samsung, checking out several big installs involving their gear, including some gorgeous 1.2mm LED walls now running in the home of the NBA team, the Heat. More on that to come.

  1. Such installations always leave a +1 remark in visitors mind and it itself create a positive image then.
    Very well shared

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