Renault Deploys Media4Display Across Its Dealer Network

October 18, 2018 by Dave Haynes

This is a micro dealership/experience center for Renault, one of hundreds of dealer locations across Europe that are now running on Media4Display, the CMS platform marketed by France’s Telelogos.

The software has replaced a previous solution that no longer met Renault’s needs, which included: 

Renault dealerships have a mix of digital signage solutions all running off the one platform – solo displays and videowalls (using Intel NUCs) and car configurator interactive screens. In an interesting twist, Telelogos’ software deploys, remotely manages and secures Windows and Android app-based kiosks running on 1,000s of tablets available to dealerships’ customers. The tablets run an attract loop when not in use by car shoppers.

“We chose Media4display first for its multi-app HTML kiosk, which has offered countless possibilities and has enabled us to better convey the brand image,” says Solène Figueiredo, the digital in-store expert for Groupe Renault.

Telelogos is quite interesting. Unlike many, many companies that market across several countries and continents, the company based in a small town of 5,000 or so in western France seems to deal almost exclusively in that country, and has a number of significant enterprise clients. I’ve seen the platform demo’d at ISE, and it looked very solid in areas that matter most to me – like device management.

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