Electronics Retailers Uses Video Wall To Help Sell Drones

October 18, 2018 by Dave Haynes

NEC Display has pushed out an interesting case study that shows how an in-store video wall is being used to sell drones.

The wall was put in by B&H Photo Video at its massive, always-jammed store on 9th Avenue in New York, near Penn Station and Hudson Yards.

“We needed to be able to open our customers’ eyes to these drones’ capabilities and show them the larger-than-life aerial footage,” says Yitzie Schwartz, training manager at B&H. “That’s when we had the idea: Why don’t we gather footage of what these drones can do, and put it on a big screen in the store?”

Says the case study:

Digital signage was the natural answer to the store’s need. Not only is it more attention-grabbing than static signs or posters, but it also is an ideal way to show real-life aerial imagery the way it should be watched: in large format, on high-quality displays.

“There is so much more we can do with a video wall – between showing actual video from the drones and ways to customize content and make it interactive,” Schwartz added. “We wanted a way to let customers view different footage based on what kind of drone they are looking to purchase to help them choose the right one.

B&H used a 2×2 set-up with 46-inch ultra narrow bezel screens.

The UAV department was reorganized after the video wall was installed. The department now grabs shoppers’ attention immediately with the prominently displayed video wall, which shows off stunning landscape imagery, action shots taken by drones whizzing through the air, high-quality aerial videos and more. Shoppers can pick up and examine the physical products – the drones themselves – mounted on a nearby wall, then select the model on an interactive touchscreen kiosk linked to the video wall, and see for themselves what the drone’s camera can do.

“The sales person can pull up footage of scenes shot using a specific drone and play it on the video wall,” Schwartz said.

The video wall is helping customers considering UAVs for aerial imaging narrow down their options, according to Schwartz.

“Customers can better understand each drone’s capabilities to make a more intelligent purchase decision,” Schwartz said. “That’s why we chose a video wall. We knew we couldn’t do it any other way.”

You can read the full case study here …

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