For This Video Wall, The Dreaded Blue Screen Really Is A Feature

October 15, 2018 by Dave Haynes

This would have to be the first time I have seen the dreaded Windows Blue Screen Of Death used as a an artistic element …

During the recent Paris Fashion Week, the Balenciaga fashion’s show featured a runway that was fully surrounded by LED panels, including curved ones for overhead. Based on the video, the show seems to start with progressive BSOD error messages – which would probably have elicited some quiet uh-ohs from IT people who somehow or other ended up a fashion show.

The multimedia piece was put together, says a description of the video, by Canadian artist and filmmaker, Jon Rafman, who was tasked by fashion house Balenciaga to create a set which was an instrumental part of a fashion show that highlighted the impact of technology on society and the world. This was Rafman’s first experience of creating a dynamic set with LED panels, and infiLED provided their knowledge and expertise to pull off the most stunning results.

Working with its French reseller Image Video Services (IVS), infiLED supplied in excess of 7000 pieces of its leading range of X panels, ER panels and SF panels which created a narrow tunnel and catwalk in which the entire fashion show took place.

The curved tunnel walls were created with infiLED’s X series modules, which feature a stacking and hanging system, combined with the company’s flagship ER series, which has an accurate curve frame option, with an easily adjustable angle coupler, allowing a concave or convex curve option of up to 20.

For the catwalk, infiLED’s smaller SF series modules were used as a flexible solution that could be easily clipped in and out, and could withstand the force of being walked on – all whilst providing vivid colours and graphics throughout.

During the fashion show, the LED panels lit up the entire catwalk and tunnel with psychedelic projections of programming code, computer start-up messages and periodic tables.

“This incredible project really pushed the boundaries of visual media created with LED panels, and was hailed as one of the most talked-about shows of the iconic Paris Fashion Week,” says Ben DaCosta, Co-Founder and Managing Director of infiLED. “The flexibility of our range of high quality LED displays will continue to enable the world’s biggest artists to continue to create pioneering installations.”

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