Curved LCD Video Walls Greets Visitors Atop Calgary’s Iconic Tower

October 11, 2018 by Dave Haynes

The Calgary Tower has been part of the downtown of the western Canadian city for 50 years now, and steadily attracts tourists and locals who ride up to the observation deck to look over the city and, particularly, west to the nearby Canadian Rockies mountain range.

The attraction created a theatre room recently at the top of the tower, and instead of going with projection, used a wall of 21 narrow bezel LCDs in a curve. The screens run an original short film and a Travel Alberta flyover video every 15 minutes.

The project was put together by the integrator Matrix Video Communications, using Userful’s video wall solution. Userful is also based in Calgary.

This video does, I think, a nice job explaining why Matrix and its client went down the LCD wall road and how the Userful software/hardware solution works.

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