Remodeled Reno Sportsbook Features 110-Foot, Curved LED Wall

October 9, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Casino sportsbook areas are target-rich environments for companies selling fine pitch LED display solutions, because of a wicked combination of a need for very screens, already bright environments to put them, and invariably large egos of casino  owners – who tend to want to one-up the owners of competing properties with bigger, better bling.

Consider the Peppermill Casino in Reno, NV, which now has a 110-foot wide, 12-foot tall 2.5mm LED wall in its sports book area – with the big wow factor feature a 23-degree curved corner. 13,000 pixels wide means it can do three 4K visuals, or run as many as 30 different video sources – like games and horse races – at once.

The Samsung direct view LED display went in this spring at the casino – which already had the most prominent and celebrated sportsbook facility in the city. However …

“We wanted it to be as nice or nicer than anything like it in the world, including Las Vegas,” says Joe Ness, Peppermill’s executive director of Entertainment, Electronics and Media, in a case study on the project.

One rather amazing aspect of the job – the whole thing went in and up in about five days, without the sportsbook shutting down. That’s a job that more normally takes weeks, and usually involves shutting a room down.

KniTec was the was integrator on the job and the wall uses Premier’s custom LED module mounts.

I’m on a webinar Oct. 17th talking about direct view LED, with people involved in this job laying out what was done, why and how.

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