LED Billboard Barge Starts Cruising Up And Down Manhattan’s Surrounding Waterways

New York’s Times Square is a 110% assault on your senses, and a massive tourist attraction, so a barge working the Hudson and East Rivers with an LED billboard on it will probably generate not much more than eye-rolls and shrugs from seasoned residents.

This past weekend saw what I think was the maiden voyages of something called the Ballyhoo 2 – a custom-built 72-foot boat equipped with back-to-back 60-foot LED boards. It worked the Hudson River promoting the debut this weekend of the latest season of the zombie-driven TV series, The Walking Dead.

The media company behind the barge already has a vessel working the wavy shores off Miami and South Beach.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
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Dave Haynes


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Dave Haynes

2 thoughts on “LED Billboard Barge Starts Cruising Up And Down Manhattan’s Surrounding Waterways

  1. This is a sad development in our ever-expanding consumer-based society. At least the adverts in Time Square are on buildings presumably owned by private individuals or companies. Apparenty, now our natural surroundings are fair game for branding as well. God forbid humans can view their waterways without being barraged with images of what to buy next. Awful.

  2. I live downtown near the Battery and I absolutely cringe when I see this floating by. It’s an awful idea.

    Our waterways should remain beautiful and free of GLOWING MENTAL POLLUTION!

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