LED Fingers Help Drive Diesel Brand In Barcelona Flagship Shop Windows

October 5, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Here’s a slick, budget-friendly application of LED modules in the shop windows of Diesel’s Barcelona flagship store.

The AV/multimedia firm Instronic, also based in Barcelona, put together a shop window branding program that uses 47 of what it calls LED fingers, looking a bit like a big city skyline. There also appears to be a big backdrop LED in one of the windows.

The ability to kind of slice and dice LEDs to create interesting shapes is a particular attraction of LED. You could, I guess in theory, do these “fingers” with LCD but it would cost a fortune and I don’t think LCD shelf strips would be happy cooling from an end when they are designed to sit horizontally.

The company was behind the impressive digital in this Sephora store in the same city.


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