Red Rocks Update Concessions With Outdoor-Ready Digital Menu Boards

The famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre south of Denver resolved a big issue around the concert venue with keeping food and drinks concession signage timely and accurate – resorting to printing and manually replacing static signage at each individual stand.

That changed this year as the venue worked with Ping HD, Peerless AV and Samsung to install 33 displays, 19 of them outside in the wildly-shifting weather elements of the front range Rockies.

This is the result. Looks good. Makes sense.

But I am deeply disturbed that someone would pay $9 for a Coors Light. World gone mad.

You can view a buncha pix from the install here …


3 thoughts on “Red Rocks Update Concessions With Outdoor-Ready Digital Menu Boards”

  1. Ha! Those outrageous beer prices are exactly what caught my eye as well. Then I saw the price of a bottle of water and bag of popcorn! Worth it to see Nickelback, I guess …

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