Mark Bennett Lays Out How MicroGigantic Does Digital Storytelling For Brands

September 26, 2018 by Dave Haynes

In an industry that has, for years, had people endlessly blabbering away about how Content Is King – my God that’s clever! – it’s amazing to me how I can count the number of pure-play digital signage creative shops on one hand.

MicroGigantic is one of those rare shops – a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based boutique agency that does visual storytelling for brands – whether that’s retail or corporate.

The company’s roots are with one of the biggest brands in the Twin Cities – the mass merchandising retailer Target. Mark Bennett managed the Media Production group at Target – and a big part of that was feeding the many screens sprinkled around the huge stores.

It was a great gig, Bennett says, but he got the seven-year itch to go out on his own, and started MicroGigantic knowing there wasn’t a lot of competition for what he wanted to do.

His team does retail, but the real growth these days is for work in areas like corporate – with companies looking to make visual statements about what they do, and what they’re about.

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