Transparent And High-Bright LCDs Paired To Create 3D-ish Display

September 25, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Transparent LCD has been around for years now, but UK-based Crystal Display Systems has put a different spin on their use by marrying a transparent screen with a regular light-backed LCD in the same display case.

The company calls the system ClearVue 3DP – using what it calls polarmatch technology.  “The high brightness panel and transparent LCD have matched polarisers and work as a pair to create 3D content,” says the company in an email marketing piece. “The concept allows you to have an active background image, as well as a transparent LCD working in combination.”

The example provided uses a 48” high brightness LCD with 2,000 nits as the rear panel, paired with a transparent LCD with matched polarisation, fixed approximately 180mm in front of rear display.

The company says several clients are using the concept, including one at the Harris Innovation Center in Melbourne, Florida. 

There is enough clearance between the front and back screen – about 7 inches – to put in product or objects in between.

The technology is not restricted, customers can even put a product between the 2 displays if you wanted to. The limitations are only in the creative ideas.

Interesting stuff. I’ve not seen a lot of take-up on transparent display, but now and then bump into interesting uses for them, like directories or marketing pieces like this suitcase for a travel-focused credit card.

  1. Menu Boards says:

    It is great to see that they have already started to implement the 3D displays, But I am waiting to see the implementation of screens with VR technology

  2. Neil Bron Chatwood says:

    Really slick execution. I’d love to see some more content types on display.

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