Grocer Lets Shoppers Order Fresh Veg Off Kiosk, From On-Premise Roof Garden

September 12, 2018 by Dave Haynes

There is endless talk in this business about connecting digital signage to customer experience, but it’s not that often that I see initiatives that get beyond those customers seeing something or other on screens. This is different.

A grocer in suburban Montreal, Quebec used a touchscreen and live-cam feed from a rooftop garden to let shoppers have a look at what’s growing, and then have it near-instantly picked and delivered downstairs to them to buy and take home.

The Life Harvest program developed for the newly built IGA – Duchemin Family store in Ville St-Laurent started last year with a screen showing a live feed from the organic rooftop garden. This summer,  to improve the customer experience, IGA added a digital kiosk – allowing customers to choose the fruits and vegetables they see live from the roof, and have a staffer pick their selections.

The fresh products are delivered to customesr before they arrive at the supermarket checkout!

The project was designed by the Cartier communication agency, and Montreal solutions provider VIF Télé was the operator/integrator – implementing the touch screen, integrating live video from the roof, and providing the tablet that allows the employee/rooftop gardener to receive, manage and deliver consumer orders.

When there is no employee on the roof, the display shows IGA-TV digital signage content.

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