DSF Planning Breakfast Education Series For Toronto

September 10, 2018 by Dave Haynes

The Toronto digital signage community is well known for getting together for drinks, but now they’re doing breakfasts, as well.

The Digital Signage Federation (DSF) is in the organizing stages of a series of educational breakfast sessions to be held in the Greater Toronto Area. The sessions are intended to provide local members with education, as well as networking.

The DSF is calling for proposals for speakers and topics – with presentations lasting about 30 minutes. Topics related to accessibility, digital trends, or disruption within a specific vertical will be preferred, says the DSF, over topics related to a specific company and their technology.

In other words, educate, don’t sell. Do the latter and you may get pelted with Timbits (look it up).

The DSF is also looking for sponsor companies that would like to sponsor the catering for a breakfast session, as well as companies that have room to host a group of 20-40 people for the sessions.

Speaker proposals and offers of sponsorship and hosting can be sent to Kelly Smith at ksmith@capitalnetworks.com

Samsung Canada, for example, has a really great experience centre – though it is well out in Mississauga and about three days drive from downtown, in rush hour.

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