High Street Releases First Free Quarterly Report On What’s Hot (And Not) In Retail Tech

August 27, 2018 by Dave Haynes

The folks over at the boutique retail tech and experience consultancy HighStreet Collective have launched what will be a  quarterly report measuring the top 12 technologies that are currently being used in brick and mortar retail – showing what’s getting some traction and what’s just not happening.

It shows, not surprisingly, mobile and frictionless payment are hot, and gimmicky stuff like robots are not.

“In-store tech should no longer be measured solely on up-time and functionality. It should be measured on shopper adoption of the technologies,” says Ed King, co-founder and shopper behavior expert at the Atlanta firm. “What good is technology if shoppers don’t use it, or if it doesn’t help move the needle?” 

The free 19-page report is designed to help guide retailers and brands by showing living retail examples (good and bad), and providing insights on evolving shopper behaviors.

HighStreet co-founder Laura Davis-Taylor, whose book Lighting Up the Aisle is kinda the industry Bible on in-store tech,  says it’s time to raise the bar when it comes to retail.

“Retail has lagged behind the technology curve for years, and it’s no wonder legacy retailers are losing ground to Amazon and other online-native retailers who are now opening brick and mortars,” says Davis-Taylor. “Today’s shopper has evolved, and they bring with them heightened expectations when they shop…they expect the in-store experience to be authentic, friction-free, and story-driven. These are all things that in-store technologies can help.”


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