Gatwick Becomes Poster Child For Digital Signage Failover Planning

August 20, 2018 by Dave Haynes

A damaged connectivity cable has taken the flight information display boards offline at London Gatwick Airport today, forcing airport staff to – honest – get out the dry erase markers and scribble information on whiteboards.

As an industry friend noted, having sent me news of this: “They seem to have forgotten all about the enterprise standards of Local Data / Fail over – Back-up systems / Independent internet connections on mission critical applications …”


Somebody in airport IT, or an exec who didn’t listen to the IT people, is due for a world-class version of what the Brits call a “bollocking.”

Hat Tip to the poor souls doing what they can. I’d assume if this happened at a hellpit of an airport like LaGuardia or Newark, somebody would just put a pillow in front of their face and read completely un-hearable updates into the public address system.

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