$6B McDonald’s US Modernization Plan Includes Digital Menus, Drive-Thrus

August 15, 2018 by Dave Haynes

McDonald’s has announced $6 billion in restaurant modernization and construction plans through 2020, with a portion of that money going to “bright and easy to read digital menu boards inside and at the drive-through” and digital self-order kiosks.

A lot of the money will be in bricks and mortar work like modernized dining areas, remodeled counters and larger display cases.


A store opened this summer in Chicago (world HQ is in greater Chicago) looks more like an Apple store than a typical Mickey D’s on a suburban roadway.

The digital signage companies that provide technology would get their wrists more than slapped if they made any hay about expanded work. The bigger the company, the tougher it is to more than whisper about having them as customers. However, whoever runs the McDonald’s account at Stratacache may be happy. Possibly the Coates guys and Samsung, for the drive-thrus.

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