Big Video Walls Help Market Mercedes Lux Cars In Pop-up Mall Dealerships

August 13, 2018 by Dave Haynes

This is a shot from one of a pair of Mercedes Benz pop-up stores set up for two months this summer in high-end shopping malls in Miami and Chicago – using some 60 displays in each to create some visual interest and excitement in relatively small footprint spaces.

The digital signage aspect of the stores were put together by Gorilla Production Group and Red Dot Digital Media, and the content is all running off BrightSign boxes.

“Limited square footage required that we think creatively about how to utilize the space as efficiently as possible – and that’s where digital signage offers a huge creative advantage,” says  Paul George, President of Gorilla Production Group. “The video walls we installed function not just for the sake of information delivery, but as artistic focal points to draw-in customers and serve as striking backdrops to the cars on display.”

In each store, a traditional 4×4 video wall displays videos, vehicle specifications and other anecdotal information about Mercedes Benz. The two other video walls are clusters of screens in vertical and horizontal orientations, mounted at various depths to create a unique three-dimensional look.

These ones are sync’d to create a single piece of art, displaying a mix of artistic photography and animated art, interlaced with Mercedes Benz branding.

There are also displays wall-mounted horizontally in a casual seating area.

“Creating three video walls in a relatively small space required that we space the individual displays just right, and that the content displayed perfectly on each screen to create the impact we desired,” says Darryl Kuder, President of Red Dot Digital Media. “BrightSign’s hardware and software works seamlessly and are essential to perfecting high-visibility projects like our latest collaboration with Mercedes Benz.”


  1. James Abdool says:

    Thanks for sharing Dave. Mercedes in the UK have been putting pop-up stores into vacant mall units in the UK for the last 2+ years to introduce the brand to a wider audience. Pop-ups last around 6 weeks and I’ve seen their design evolve with their learnings. In the UK the AV is provided by Scion Interactive and powered by Scala I believe.

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