Why Remove Items From A Digital Menu With Software, When Electrical Tape Will Do?

August 10, 2018 by Dave Haynes

Spotted by a reader, at a McCafe in central NYC. Some things evidently aren’t available on the menu, so instead of someone going into the software to make changes, a staffer has covered up that information with electrical tape.

Thought it was just the stuff on the top right of the display and then noticed a whole line in the HOT items has been taped off.


  1. NEIL B CHATWOOD says:

    In fairness, most employees aren’t going to have access to the CMS software. The employees probably got frustrated with telling customers “sorry – we don’t have that item anymore” and took matters into their own hands. Many of these franchise level roll-outs don’t permit access to on-site employees. Good on them for using their bonnet.

    Now, why this isn’t integrated with their POS system, or a “lite” workflow isn’t provided for on-site employees to override is another story.

  2. Paul Wheeler says:

    Being a tiny little fish in the signage world I see this all of the time. If the message is not easy to change it will not be changed. If the messaging is controlled be a non responsive central office then the people on the front lines will “get out the tape”. If it is a paper poster then the only fast option is to “get out the tape”.

    Our signage is not all that pretty or even remotely full featured – but it is ridiculously easy to keep updated. Because of that it gets updated.

    A simple sign that is accurate is better than a stunning product with tape all over it.

  3. Luis says:

    I could write a paper on this.. there are sooooo many issues that might force a store to put a tape or a sticker on top of a menu… from a communications issue, ie a single broken network cable, an unresponsive switch, ADSL down or physical issues, ie delivery delays, wrong opening times, wrong dayparting assignation, wrong pricing at the POS… Or even the store not calling to state there is an issue, or calling the wrong support number.. Or simply poor planning.
    But yes, from a software delivery point of view it is quite bad to see it. I think I would rather see a blue screen of death rather than a sticker or a tape.

  4. Content is only as good as it’s context. If something is out of stock, or needs switching, this is something which must be available to effect at store level. Simple UX and/or integration with EPOS is the very first thing we talk to food retail clients about – tape is an upgrade to Post-Its! 🙂

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